In this class we bring gym movements and training into our yoga practice. This is a total body workout to tone and sculpt every major muscle group, increase strength and flexibility and boost your metabolism using yoga poses, strength and free weight training. In this untraditional yoga practice you will work a muscle group to intensity, raise your heart rate and recover with some gentle yoga stretches and R&R. This class is ideal for those with limited time looking for the best of both worlds of yoga and gym training, it is however, a very intense class so please come prepared to do what you can and be kind to yourself!


If you’re just looking for a gentle stretch and some R&R this class is for you! We will begin with pranayama (breath work) to calm the nervous system and balance the mind and body. The teacher will then take you through gentle yoga poses and flows to increase circulation, range of motion and release stress and tension in the body. This class is not heated and uses the assistance of props to assure all students are comfortable and supported.


In this wonderful strength building practice the instructor will guide students through a sequence of classical postures, where the breathing system naturally detoxifies the body, it contains elements of strength, flexibility, and endurance. This practice focuses on learning more advanced transitions, as well as, building strength and endurance in balancing poses. Students will learn to find their “edge” in poses while working within the breath. (Heated 85-90)


This class is designed to be the perfect start to your day. Enjoy gentle morning stretches to wake up the body, sun salutations to invigorate the body systems, poses to strengthen and tone. We finish with deep stretching to increase flexibility. (Heated 80 Degrees)