If you’re new to CrossFit you must begin in our xLite classes which is simply CrossFit workouts scaled to meet your personal needs. It’s a great way to get introduced to the CrossFit style workouts called WOD’s (or workout of the day) and learn the lingo, movements and equipment. You can stay in xLite classes as long as you like but if your goal is to attend our regular CrossFit classes you will need to go through our OnRamp Process to help you learn the movements and the proper form to ensure your safety and the best results. If you have zero experience in CrossFit you must complete onramp before you can attend CrossFit classes.


IF you want to start CrossFit you must first start in our X light classes. Once you have completed 10 X light classes we will then schedule your On- Ramp sessions. 

WHAT IS on-ramp?

On-Ramp is semi private sessions that will teach you the more technical and advanced movements of CrossFit. On-Ramp must be completed before you can start to follow the CrossFit programming. 

what is the cost?

Depending on how quickly you want to take the getting started process, you have two options for your starting cost. On-ramp is a one time charge of the unlimited membership (discounted prices apply here). If you know that you want to get right into the CrossFit Programming and plan to complete your 10 x light classes within the first month and move on to On-ramp, Then you will need to purchase the unlimited membership to start. This will cover your first month of CrossFit and your On- ramp sessions. If you would like to stay in X- light for a while and test the waters out you can choose between the unlimited and 3x week membership to start. If you choose the 3x week membership and later down the road want to complete On-ramp, we will then just charge you the difference of the unlimited membership when you decide to do On-ramp. 


We now offer Classes to teens 14 and up. The process to get started is 10 X light classes and then we will schedule On-ramp classes. 

Due to COVID-19 Common Ground CrossFit and Yoga is operating at a limited capacity and taking precautions to assure the wellbeing and safety of our clients, staff and community. Due to this please note that our website has been updated to reflect changes to the class schedules, capacity and pricing. To learn more about what we are doing to prevent the spread and keep our community safe click here