In this wonderful strength building practice the instructor will guide students through a sequence of classical postures, where the breathing system naturally detoxifies the body, it contains elements of strength, flexibility, and endurance. This practice focuses on learning more advanced transitions, as well as, building strength and endurance in balancing poses. Students will learn to find their “edge” in poses while working within the breath. (Heated 85-90) If you’d like the wonderful strength building practice of our Power Yoga Series just toned down a bit try our Power Yoga Half Series to learn the basics. This class is great for beginners! (Heated 85-90 degrees)

Due to COVID-19 Common Ground CrossFit and Yoga is operating at a limited capacity and taking precautions to assure the wellbeing and safety of our clients, staff and community. Due to this please note that our website has been updated to reflect changes to the class schedules, capacity and pricing. To learn more about what we are doing to prevent the spread and keep our community safe click here

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